॥१॥ समाधिपाद - 1.Samādhi Pāda - Contemplation

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  • 1.51 : तस्यापि निरोधे सर्वनिरोधान्निर्बीजः समाधिः॥५१॥
  • 51. Tasyāpi nirodhe sarva nirodhān nirbījaḥ samādhiḥ.
  • When that new light of wisdom is also relinquished, seedless samadhi dawns.
  • The sadhaka must learn to hold back even this new impression of truth-bearing light.  When both old and new impressions are dissolved, a state of seedless enlightenment arises, in which all illusions and delusions cease. This is nirbija samadhi - the state of absolute identity with the seer. Even this distinctive knowledge of insight (1.50) has to be checked, curbed and moderated. Then, as  rivers cease to have their individual existence on uniting with the sea, all volitions and impressions of the unconscious, subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind cease to exist. All these rivers of consciousness unify with the ocean of the seer. Nirbija samadhi is the conquering of the citta where the root mind is one with the seer. As all invading thoughts are brought to an end by practice and detachment, the soul is freed from the pinions of earthly vehicles - the body, senses, mind, intelligence and consciousness. The seer is in the amanaskatva state. When citta is dependent on an object, idea or symbol, the state is called sabija samadhi. In nirbija samadhi, citta dissolves and no deposit of impressions remain. All residual impressions, the thinking faculty and the feelings of 'T' are extinguished without trace and become universal. The soul alone manifests and rages without form, in immaculate clarity. You remember that our goal is to perceive the Soul iself. We cannot perceive the Soul because it has got mingled up with nature, with the mind, with the body. The most ignorant man thinks his body is the Soul. Samskaras cover the Soul. The real nature of the Soul is not perceived until all the waves have subsided; so, first, Patanjali teaches us the meaning of these waves; secondly, the best way to repress them; and thirdly, how to make one wave so strong as to suppress all other waves, fire eating fire as it were. Red Adiar put out large oil rig fires by using the same medium ( not water , it wont work ) --- he produced a second HUGE fire which he could control by remote, it just ate up the smaller oil rig fire-- and then he put it off by remote.   The truths of life are congruent till a laxman rekha--  after that the reverse happens-- When only one wave remains, it will be easy to suppress that also, and when that is gone, this Samadhi of concentration is called seedless; it leaves nothing, and the Soul is manifested just as It is, in Its own glory. Soul cannot be born, It cannot die, It is immortal, indestructible, the Ever-living Essence of intelligence. It is a part of the mother field of brahmAn.

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